Business Intelligence Platform

Today’s work environment forces us to improve the information analysis that we use to optimize the resources and investments within the hospitality market.

Business Intelligence platforms allow us to consolidate information from different management applications and make it possible to have a fast and efficient analysis.

The hospitality market has been managed for years by multiple technologies offering closed solutions in which the integration with external modules was very difficult and stressful. Software vendors have been very reluctant when opening their environment connectivity between platforms and other management programs for external integrations.

Not surprisingly, years ago the HTNG (Hotel Technology Next Generation) organization was born due to the demand from hoteliers and some software vendors, in order to deliver standard integrations that would allow hoteliers to choose the right solution for their operations.

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Our Services


A Global & Coporate Business Intelligence Solution 

•  Merging Multi-Currency Properties

•  Integrating 3rd Party Software Data

•  Report Development & Distribution in multiple formats such as: txt, csv, xls, pdf, word, ppt, html and more

•  Strong Mobile support at no extra cost

•  Qlik’s unique Associative experience

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