Business Intelligence Platform

Today’s work environment forces us to improve the information analysis that we use to optimize the resources and investments within the hospitality market.

Business Intelligence platforms allow us to consolidate information from different management applications and make it possible to have a fast and efficient analysis.

The hospitality market has been managed for years by multiple technologies offering closed solutions in which the integration with external modules was very difficult and stressful. Software vendors have been very reluctant when opening their environment connectivity between platforms and other management programs for external integrations.

Not surprisingly, years ago the HTNG (Hotel Technology Next Generation) organization was born due to the demand from hoteliers and some software vendors, in order to deliver standard integrations that would allow hoteliers to choose the right solution for their operations.

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Our Services



Hotel Business Intelligence

 Giving you access to data and the ability to cross information from multiple departments


Hotel Group Solutions

 Centralizing your data from multiple Properties & Regions better than ever before


Group & Events Analytics

Analyse Groups & Events in new ways to drive leads, sales and performance


Food & Beverage Intelligence

Decision driving KPI’s for all aspects of your Food & Beverage Operations


Shell Guard

Protect Corporate Standards by monitoring & controlling Opera configurations


Single Profile View

Follow and merge the spending trends of customers through all your hotel data source

Flexible & Customization

Powerful Integration with multiple data sources such as Financial, HR, Surveys and other solutions

Hotel Business Intelligence

Analyse your Data with Mastel Hotel Business Intelligence. Built on the world’s leading BI Platform Qlik, giving you the information you need to make successful decisions.

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Data for Decisions

Hotel Business Intelligence merges and presents information the way you need it. By connecting data from multiple hotel systems and sources Hotel BI creates the KPI’s you need for a successful business..

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Hotel Groups

A true Business Intelligence solution for International Hotel Groups, Hotel BI is overcoming traditional obstacles such as multiple languages, currencies and configurations and merges data for global Hotel Groups.

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Qlik Sense is one of the worlds leading Business Intelligence platforms with the ability to access data from virtually any source. This allows you to integrate any data in to your KPI’s and Dashboards..

How does it work?


To utilize the full power of Hotel Business Intelligence, we analyse & understand your data and needs giving you a solution that covers your custom requirements.


Bases on the initial analysis Mastel Hospitality builds the connections and KPI’s for your business which is then presented for final adjustments and implementation.


The flexibility of Qlik ensures that Hotel Business Intelligence helps you grow and evolves with you. Hotel Dashboard is the start of your analytical solution ready to grow.

Hotel Group Solution

 Hotel Business Intelligence is overcoming traditional Hotel Group obstacles such as Multiple Currencies, Languages and configurations giving you a truly global overview of your business.

Global Business Intelligence

Central Data

 Hotel Business Intelligence centralizes data on a global level considering Currencies, Languages and configurations for each region and property. This gives you a truly global view of your Hotel Group. Regardless of your data’s location, Cloud & on-premise information

is merged in the Hotel Group Solution.

The Power of Qlik

Mastel Business Intelligence is built on one of the worlds leading BI platforms

 Strong Data Integration 

• Ease of Use for Users &


• No Data Limitations 

• Report Distribution


Easy and Flexible

The Intuitive interface of Business Intelligence makes it easy to use without the need of extensive training. The flexible data connection of Qlik gives you ways too integrate data from other 3rd party systems such as Financial, HR, Survey’s and much more.

Groups & Events Analytics

A complete Business Intelligence solutions extending the standard functionality of Oracle Sales & Catering to Leads Management, Sales Analysis and Invoicing.

Group & Events

Sales Analytics

The Groups & Events Analytics module focuses not only on Operation and Analysis but also on the Groups and Events Sales aspects. Manage your Sales Pipeline and drive new sales and conversion rates. Business Intelligence gives you a full picture of Groups, Events and Catering merging MICE information with Rooms Division & Revenue Analysis.

Power Up

Opera Sales & Catering

Groups & Events analytics extends the basic functionality of Opera Sales & Catering to drive more Sales. Adding features such as Lead Management and Proforma Invoice generation including both Rooms & Events information. Easy data import and export gives you the power to user your data anytime and anywhere.BC.

Business Intelligence for Food & Beverage 

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Complete F&B Analytics

Mastel Business Intelligence will give you a 360-degree view of your Food & Beverage Operations. The integration with Point of Sales and Stock Control enables us to merge and simplify data giving you easy to use information to base important decisions

on. From Cost Control to complete Revenue Analysis, Mastel F&B Analytics is the complete tool you need.

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Powerful Data Merging

F&B Business Intelligence gives you the unique ability to merge data from other systems and departments. By accessing data from Rooms, Groups, Events, Catering, Accounts and other data sources, F&B Business Intelligence can merge and cross reference data in unique ways giving you Powerful KPI’s of your Operations.

A Global & Coporate Business Intelligence Solution 

• Merging Multi-Currency Properties

• Integrating 3rd Party Software Data

• Report Development & Distribution in multiple formats such as: txt, csv, xls, pdf, word, ppt, html and more

• Strong Mobile support at no extra cost

• Qlik’s unique Associative experience

Single Profile View

The next Generation of Business Intelligence utilizing Qlik Sense. The Single Profile Solution combines customer data from the Hotel and any other source in to intuitive KPI ́s and Reports.

The tool merges profile information from multiple data sources in to KPI’s for Single Profile analysis. The Single Profile Solution gives you a unique picture of your customers spending trends and behaviours. This gives you the opportunity to optimize Sales & Marketing actions, increase sales revenue and improve conversions.

The Single Profile solution has been developed with Hotel, Resort Properties in mind.

• Top 10 Analysis. Easily identify Top Clients, Companies, Groups and Regions
• Customer View. Complete Revenue breakdown for all Customer Spending’s
• Custom Report. Simply create adhoc reports by selecting data fields and dimensions.