Cloud Infrastructure

Ultima Asia Technology offers cloud integration to help you build a faster, more secure and scalable IT infrastructure for your growing business needs. By moving data from physical servers to the cloud, we enable your operations team to collaborate better, faster and access information anytime, anywhere.

Allowing more mobility, the cloud infrastructure has the added benefit of increased capacity, scalability and functionality, so you can improve guest experience at your properties. Moving to the cloud also allows you to save on the high costs of investing in hardware, as well as maintaining and upgrading your own servers.




Our Service Process

Step 1


  • Understanding your needs

Step 2


  • Identifying key requirements 

  • Customising the cloud solution based on your requirements

Step 3


  • Installing the custom solution

  • Facilitating data transfer from legacy to a new system
  • Providing training for your staff, as necessary

Step 4


  • Follow-up support