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At Hospitality Technology, we don’t just provide solutions; we shape industry standards. As pioneers in offering Oracle Hospitality solutions, we’ve harnessed our expertise to create tailored experiences that elevate every aspect of hotel management. Our certified implementation and support engineers boast years of hands-on experience, ensuring that each solution is seamlessly integrated and customized to fit your unique needs. We specialize in a comprehensive range of Oracle Hospitality Solutions, including Opera Cloud PMS, Simphony Cloud POS, Oracle Hospitality Materials Control and third-party products integration with OHIP.

In a world where seamless guest experiences and operational excellence define the hospitality industry, innovation is the key to success. Our team has been at the forefront of revolutionizing hospitality solutions. As a true pioneer, we’ve set the bar high by offering cutting-edge Oracle Hospitality solutions and an array of innovative tools that empower hotels to reach new heights. We are a member of Ultima Asia Technology consortium with offices in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Sri Lanka with over 200 employees and serving over 500 customers.

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Sri Lanka (Hospitality Technology Pvt Ltd)

238/5, Havelock Road
Colombo 05
Sri Lanka

Contact Number:  +94 112 596 089
Sales: info@htpl.lk
PMS Support: appsup@htpl.lk                 Tel: +94 76 346 9900
Point of Sale Support: possup@htpl.lk    Tel: +94 76 556 9900

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Address :

238/5, Havelock Road
Colombo 05
Sri Lanka
Tel : +94 112 596 089
Email : info@htpl.lk

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1 Harbourfront Avenue
Keppel Bay Tower
Singapore 098632
Tel: (65) 6261 1800
Email: info[@]uatinternational.com


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