The Food & Beverage Industry

With technology evolving rapidly on multiple fronts, foodservice operators are facing more pressure than ever to keep up with the landscape and cater to the tech-savvy generation on both ends of the industry – as customers and food service workers.

Good food alone isn’t enough to keep customers coming back; customer service with the addition of digital reservation managers and customer loyalty programmes have become the industry standard.

It’s not only necessary to adapt, but also to stay ahead of the competition through technology and new innovations. Investing in technology helps foodservice operators grow and thrive. For some, embracing new technologies, such as cashless payments and online food delivery applications, has become the key ingredient for success.

How can UAT help?

Most of today’s food & beverage service operators consider labour cost and quality as the main factors impacting the industry. Regardless of food service models, from the cash register to the kitchen, technology-driven efficiencies has been proven to be the best method to increase labour productivity, improve customer service, streamline operations and control costs.

With Ultima Asia Technology, our clients can benefit from our industry knowledge and network of experienced consultants. We understand more than most the challenges that businesses in the foodservice industry face. We are committed to helping you navigate the ever-changing technological landscape, with the goal of maximising your long-term profit and delivering the ultimate customer experience.

We’ve partnered with the top software and hardware manufacturers in the business to ensure that our solutions meet the highest standard of reliability, performance, and security. Regardless of whether you’re a small catering business or a multi-national restaurant chain, our solutions can be tailored to suit your needs and budget.

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