IT Infrastructure
Consultancy and Management

The constantly changing technology landscape is often a challenge for business owners to navigate. Every business has their own set of considerations, and the solutions might not always be clear-cut or straightforward.

Ultima Asia Technology’s experts are up-to-date on the latest technological trends and will make sure that you won’t miss opportunities that can help you expand your business even further. We have experience working with all manner of businesses and scales, from large hotel chains to small independent restaurants.

Whether you are expanding your business, require a brand new IT infrastructure, or intend to do a complete system overhaul, our consultants will sit down with you to understand the challenges you face and help configure the best solution for you.



Our Service Process

Step 1


  • Understanding your needs

  • Evaluating how we can provide the necessary solutions or recommend alternatives

Step 2


  • Identifying key requirements and mapping them to available products

  • The team curates a selection of products and combines them into a custom solution

Step 3


  • Installing the custom solution

  • Where possible, facilitating data transfer from legacy to a new system

  • Providing training for your staff, as necessary

Step 4


  • Follow-up support